Holy shit, I’m going to Europe

Maybe one day I’ll stop cussing every time something big happens. (Once I gave a speech at Slutwalk and cussed a lot. Like enough that after my dad congratulated me he immediately told me to stop cussing so much in public. Whoops.) Meh, probably not.

I’ve spent the last two days running errands like a mad woman, saying goodbye and generally trying to forget that I won’t see many of my favorite people for a decent while. Tonight, my dad is treating the family to Jersey Boys. I always love a good musical and Sparky, my resident 5th Avenue season ticket holder, gave it rave reviews. I’m looking forward to raiding the bar with my bartending little bro.

Finally, this post is dedicated to my loving and patient friend Kat. She came up with about 17 million names for this blog, all of which I rejected like a spoiled child. And yet, she continues to put up with me. First post is all yours, babe.


One thought on “Holy shit, I’m going to Europe

  1. Yes! This is awesome! Hey Liz was one of Kat’s suggested blog names “From Russia with Liz”? And if not, would you consider it as a your fall-back title?

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