Ruminations on my first international flight

Guten Morgen from Germany!

We took a 10 hour flight from Seattle to Frankfurt and are about to board a second flight to St Petersburg. Compared to the domestic flights I’ve taken in the US, Lufthansa is a god among men. The unlimited free booze was my first hint that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Then during dinner the pilot came around, introducing himself to everyone and refilling wine glasses. He teased me for only asking for half a glass (I was trying to stay hydrated to avoid jet lag!). The crew was entirely bilingual, if not trilingual. At the beginning of the flight the head steward announced the languages the crew spoke-seven between them! In fact, the flight attendant that checked our bags is originally from Kronsandar, the last city in Russia we will travel to. Once he knew we were honorary Russians, he let us slide on being slightly overweight in our carry ons.

Everyone on the plane was super interesting. My seat mate was a facial plastics surgeon returning to Germany after a three month observationship in the United States. We chatted a bit about her work and working in teaching hospitals. My teammate Nate sat behind me and sitting next to him was a 19 year old guy flying to Ukraine for a four month visit. He is studying engineering in Vancouver but his entire family still lives outside of Kiev. What a brave guy to live so far from his family for such long stretches.

See you in Russia!


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