En route to Yaroslavl

Russia sometimes feels a bit like 1950s America: seatbelts are semi-optional, you can drink as a passenger in the car and the roads are completely awful.

After saying goodbye to all of our wonderful friends in Chereprevets, we kicked back and enjoyed the three hour drive to Yaroslavl. I have yet to be on anything that really resembles a US interstate. The road we drove on last night felt like a big, long Redmond-Issaquah road. With such temperature extremes it isn’t hard to imagine why they break down so quickly.

Unfortunately, it makes car drinking difficult. RUDE. We were too nervous to open the champagne while going over a pothole so we asked our van driver to pull over.

We enjoyed Soviet champagne, Stalin’s attempt to make the USSR fully independent. It cracks me up that champagne was high on his list but I also totally get it. Bubbles are important.



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