Fly Russia

I had a Russian tell me this week that as much as she liked studying abroad in Canada she could never live in the US or Canada because it’s too boring. The roads are too smooth, the traffic is too orderly and the utilities too predictable.

It would take me a while to get to a point of embracing that level of unknown and unpredictable.

Everything on this trip is of course heightened because it’s a complete crap shoot if someone will speak English. We were told one thing about bag weight and luggage piece limit and we ended up out of regulation. Luckily, your all-star had extra space and weight to help out her teammates. Feel free to tell me I’m awesome.

Everyone in Russia wraps their luggage. Some people do it at home but most people do it at the airport. For 300 rubles per piece (about $10), I’m in the wrong business. They have giant shrink wrapping machines and each bag takes less than a minute.

The part that most surprised me was the thoughtful and smooth set up of airport security. The space is large and the identification verfication part is a good distance from the scanning machines. When you enter airport security their are several long tables and stacks and stacks of trays. Instead of flinging your things into trays while a bazillion people in line behind you roll their eyes, you sort out all your things and then take your trays to the line. They even provide plastic sock covers. And now, thanks to the circle scanners, airport scanners in three countries have seen me naked. Woot.
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Editor’s note: Nope, we’re not leaving Russia yet. We’re just flying to Rostov-on-Don (about 1200 kilometers) for a Rotary conference this weekend.



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