Nouveau Riche

Moscow is nuts. St Petersburg was old and historic. It felt like an older lady with elegant features and worn velvet.

Moscow is just dripping with money. I’ve seen more $150k cars here in three days than in my entire life. Buildings are going up everywhere. The subway is crammed full of people rushing to work.

As a splurge-y treat, we went to the Sixty restaurant for coffee. The restaurant is located on the 62nd floor of a luxury high rise. The prices are, of course, insane. But! It’s the first time I’ve seen Bulleit on the menu in any bar in Russia. Civilization!…for $14 a shot.



My favorite part of going to really high end bars and restaurants is the design ideas. This restaurant was incredible. I want to live in their bar.

The hilarious part is that we were taken there for the panoramic views. Instead, I took photos of all the furniture and lighting. Hello, Pinterest!




One thought on “Nouveau Riche

  1. Amazing. I’d do the same. Such great design all over Europe and always in unexpected places. With so much interest in Pinterest, you’d think everyone would want to study design and launch a career. I wonder what the impact will be over time. Bring it on!

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