Living out of a suitcase

You know those vacation packing features in women’s magazines? “14 outfits from six pieces (and a buttload of shoes and jewelry we don’t count!)”? They always contain one or two outfits that are just a little off. Its clear they work in the editor’s head but not on a real person but the editor just decided to go with it. Well, after living with the same clothes for a month, I have a lot more sympathy for the editor.

We’re in Krasnodar now, our last city and definitely the warmest. The sunshine and heat are great but it further limits my options. I’ve basically alternated between three outfits since I’ve been here. This morning I have to pack for a day that includes a rotary presentation (uniform), lots of downtime (warm weather casual) and a nightclub tonight (fancy). You think limited options would help but nope. Le sigh.


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