Bringing home the bacon

This morning I realized I had four different currencies and felt like an international badass (sorry for cussing, Dad).

For those playing at home (clockwise from upper left): Euros, US dollars, Turkish lira, Russian rubles.


2 thoughts on “Bringing home the bacon

  1. Hopefully you can get rid of the rubles! In 2003, I made the mistake of leaving Russia with rubles (the original mistake was drunkenly adding an extra 0 at a Russian ATM — don’t drink and bank ;). No one wanted them! Like I literally couldn’t get banks to exchange them. I finally got BoA here to exchange them but at a steep price. Hopefully the ruble is doing better these days…

    • I have less than $3 in rubles so I’m treating them like a souvenir at this point. I was super timid about taking out money the last week we were in Russia for this very reason!

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