Istanbul: Going to the movies

Trying to figure out something new! cool! exciting! all the time is actually kind of exhausting. So, I asked the desk if any of the movie theaters play movies in English. And guys, sometimes America as the 800 lb cultural gorilla is awesome. Namely, Gatsby in 3D for 14 lira with watermelon bought on the street while waiting for the box office to open.

My official review: Gatsby is long on pretty, short on compelling performances. Still one of my favorites books from high school. ❤ Fitzgerald ❤


3 thoughts on “Istanbul: Going to the movies

  1. PS: Saw the spice market post from yesterday. If you think of it, look around when and where you see cheeses and ask if they have “Haloumi” (pronounced: “ha-LOOM-ee”) it is the BEST kept secret that I found when in Greece and I’m thinking they might have it in Turkey as well. It’s like a grill smoked soft cheese that’s salty and fantastic. you won’t be sorry!
    Miss you!

  2. i agree on your review of the movie. It was a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon waiting for the baby to come, but it wasn’t fabulous. And not as engrossing as Lerman’s other films.

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