Melanie and I spent five wonderful days on Corfu, hanging out on the beach, poking around town and exploring the caves along the coast. We had three years of catching up to cover so we assigned topics to each day (mutual friends, work, boys, travel, family). It’s so great when you can just pick right back up with someone.
Melanie has been traveling for nine months and found us a fantastic hostel through a help exchange listing. We split a private room (“so we don’t have to feel guilty for chatting in bed”) with a view of the patio and lots of morning sunlight. My favorite part was our stay included breakfast and dinner. Dinner was family style and all the hostel guests eat together. Such a great way to get to know people! We’ve swapped travel stories and Melanie doled out New York advice to an Aussie headed there later this summer.

The family that runs the hostel also owns a near by farm. Several of the hostel guests were staying for free in exchange for working on the farm (hence finding them on the help exchange). The feta on our Greek salads every night is made with milk from the farm. Plus! Greece is helping convert me from anti-tomato to cautiously pro-tomato! Big things are happening here, folks. They also make their own wine but none was available to try. Tragic, I know.
Corfu is stunning. The natural beauty is just what you think of when you think “Greece”. The water is blue blue, the vegetation is green and plentiful and the beaches are superb. We did two beach days and two town/exploring days. It was a great balance and allowed us to go with the flow and accommodate the weather.
We’re off to do an overnight trip to Mediora, a UNESCO world heritage site of several monasteries built into hills before we split paths. (Sad trombone.) I’m looking forward to a few days in Athens and Melanie is working her way back through the Balkans towards Milan and then New York.

Mel, you’ve been an awesome travel partner and I’m so glad we made this work! I’m so impressed with your international bad assery this year and I can’t wait to see you in Seattle. xoxox


3 thoughts on “Corfu

  1. Right, anti-tomato. Well if the Mediterranean doesn’t convert you, nothing will (and you’ll miss out on much good food)!

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