Ode to my Jack Rogers


Istanbul, Corfu, and back

As Sparky knows all too well (through too many high school collages and slow afternoon gchats) I lusted after these sandals for years. Made famous my Jackie O and basically the epitome of preppy summer, how could I not worship them? Plus, hello versatility. The elegant construction means they look great anywhere and these puppies are built to last.

In my overly romantic mind, going to Europe was the perfect time to finally pull the trigger. Now that they’ve broken in they are like slippers. I’ve worn them every day for weeks. We’re bffls to the max.

So, darling Jacks, thanks for being awesome. I love how durable you are. I love how you highlight my tan-for-Lizzie vacation color. I love that you stay on even when I barely make it out of a crammed subway car. I love your pleasant clack on cobblestones. And I love that you just get more comfortable as we keep exploring. You’re so pretty. Let’s be together forever.


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