I’m constantly amazed by how young America is. We have plenty of history but its not impressive the way “this town celebrated is 1000th birthday” is impressive. Greece is full of old. Looking at the UNESCO world heritage list for Greece is like reading the test prep for world history.

Meteroa is a collection of six monasteries built on naturally occurring sandstone cliffs. The natural topography feels somewhere between the arches in Utah and the moon, truly spectacular.

Many religious communities have lived in this area over the centuries. The monastic order that built the monasteries and lives there today arrived in the mid-14th century. They served as a bulkhead of Orthodox Christianity in Greece.



2 thoughts on “Meteora

  1. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WENT TO METEORA!!!!! It’s on my list and I was bummed at how far away it was when I was in Greece (well, far away from the rest of my travel agenda in the amount of time I was there). I can’t WAIT to hear all about it when you’re home, so I can find out if it’s really as incredible as it has always seemed to me.

    • It was a total fluke. I ended up traveling in Greece “backward” (Istanbul to Corfu to Athens then Rome tomorrow) so Meteora was a relatively easy stop-off en route to Athens. Melanie and I only made it to two of the six monasteries but the landscape is just breathtaking.

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