Rome: Stabby

This morning, after a lovely time sitting in the sun eating strawberries (I take vacation seriously) a series of things happened that made me pretty much want to kill everyone.

-I paid €17 for 100mL of sunscreen because sunscreen is stupid expensive in Europe.
-I dropped my phone and shattered the screen.
-The bathroom stall door at the Colosseum whacked me and sliced my heel.

-Every tourist in the world was at the Colosseum including many, many Harley Davidson enthusiasts in town for a world Harley meet-up.
-It was 90 degrees and muggy (though that has been true every day).
-I overpaid for lunch because I was hungry and couldn’t figure out anything better.
-I had a minor freak out about bleeding money.
-I felt generally gross and sticky because wearing sunscreen when you just sweat all day is yucky.

And then, it happened, the final straw. I was trying desperately to have a Roman Holiday moment amiss all the tour groups when I saw someone waving a Confederate flag. A Confederate freaking flag. I wanted to throw something. I guess the flag into the fountain would have been a start.

So, I took myself home and skyped my parents (Happy Father’s Day, Dad!). Then I went looking and (finally) found a grocery store and bought some snacks for tomorrow’s day trip to Naples. I rounded out my recalibration evening by buying myself a €7 dinner to make up for tourist prices at lunch. Pizza and gelato are excellent self care. New day tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Rome: Stabby

  1. Lizzie, your day in Rome is pretty much like Austin right now, 90 & muggy plus the anual Republic of Texas Biker Rally. I feel your pain. Find the classiest thing you can afford to do tomorrow, the bikers will not follow you. Love!

  2. Even still, I wish I was with you, doing all those things. I would’ve still found a Roman Holiday moment for us….might have to watch that tonight to cure my travel blues! miss you! xoxo

    • We have good and bad days in real life, no reason not to expect them while traveling! Miss you too. You actually popped into my head yesterday. Keep being awesome!

  3. Ugh that moment when you drop your phone for the hundredth time and realize its finally shattered. Worst feeling ever. I’m selfishly upset that is will impact your ability to Instagram ;(

    Long term travel has the highs and lows of life but unlike a five day trip where this would have really stuck out its bit a drop in the bucket of a big old adventure. That’s what I tell myself when I have cramp days at least!

    • Good news: it hasn’t affected the insta-ing too much. And yes, definitely a drop in the bucket and I still really liked Rome.

      Can’t believe you only have a week left to go!

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