Pompeii: A Day Trip in (Mostly) Pictures

Up bright and early for the morning express to Naples!




Made a pit stop at the National Archeological Museum in Naples for art and context of Pompeii.


There is a separate, private railroad that takes you down the coast to Pompeii. My typical “follow the other tourists” strategy backfired.


Travel has a way of teaching you important lessons.


My master plan had been to eat pizza in Naples on the way back but I found out the place recommended to me had closed for the day. I went out, thinking I could just find something but Naples way intimidated me. I’d heard so many stories and the town was just so dirty that I went back and hung out in the train station. I felt like a big scaredy cat but I didn’t want to get mugged! I arrived back in Rome about 20:20 and immediately took a bus to Campo de’Fiori and tried the pizza place my buddy Mia had suggested. Turns out it is owned by a dude from Naples. Redemption.



5 thoughts on “Pompeii: A Day Trip in (Mostly) Pictures

  1. You got off at Herculaneum and then didn’t go?! Herculaneum is amaaazing. But yeah, day trip and all. That said, the last time I was there we got on on a train from Ercolano that was going to the wrong “Pompeii” station, even though I should’ve known better, and found ourselves walking alll the way from the other side of the town–most of the walk along the perimeter of the site but we had to go all the way around to get in. That sucked. But then, gelato.

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