Rome: The Vatican

As I said on Facebook, the Vatican is bonkers. I felt mostly how I expected to feel: inspired by the beautiful art, satiated on Jesus for at least a century and grossed out by the wealth of the Church.

The long, seemingly unending hallway leading to the Sistene Chapel is the best example of the Church’s gross excess. Or, as my dad put it, “there’s a reason the Reformation happened.” Of all this gross excess the map portion was my favorite. Apparently the painted map of Venice is so accurate it is safe to use for navigation!

The most awe inspiring part of the day was the views from the top of the cupola. (Honorable mention: Michealango’s The Creation of Man, that ceiling is truly phenomenal.) After climbing 323 increasing narrow steps, the 360 degree view from the top is incredible. Nature and its artificial manipulation is awesome.



One thought on “Rome: The Vatican

  1. And there’s just something so satisfying about a view that you climbed that many steps for. We had one like that in Seville, I think if there was an elevator, you wouldn’t appreciate it as much (and I liked seeing the view along the way out the tower windows)

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