Night train to Vienna

After my first (and terrible) experience with overnight trains I took steps to make my trip to Vienna a smooth one. I arrived early, had dressed expecting to sleep in my clothes and had pulled my basic toiletries out of my big suitcase. I was prepared. I was totally not prepared to have an entire six person sleeping compartment to myself. Score!

The trip itself was uneventful and quite pretty. Unfortunately, the sun seems to have remained behind in Italy as I woke up to overcast and rainy in Vienna this morning.

20130624-125152.jpgLast of the Italian countryside.

20130624-125248.jpg 1am at the border (I woke up when the train stopped moving for a long time.)

20130624-125354.jpg Good morning, Austria.


One thought on “Night train to Vienna

  1. I really really like the thumbs-up picture of you! And it’s so great that it worked out so well even though you were totally prepared for it to not!

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