Munich: Alte und Neue Pinakothek

The Alte (Old) and Neue (New) Pinakothek are sister museums originally founded by King Ludwig I. Well actually, Luddy acquired Ruebens’ “The Last Judgement” (seriously spectacular) and decided to build a whole museum to accommodate it. Over time the collection expanded and the Neue museum was built to cover art from the 19th century onward.

After all my kvetching about how expense Italian museums were, I just about cried when I discovered that the large museums in Munich were €1 each on Sundays. Done and done.

The highlight of the Alte is obviously the Ruebens rooms with “The Last Judgement” as the centerpiece. The canvas is one of the largest ever painted. You have to stand about 20ft back to be able to take it all in. I probably stared at it for half an hour. Then came back around before I left. 20130703-143446.jpg
Ruebens also does the best devils. His depictions of hell are just so…terrifying and horrific. 20130703-143823.jpg(L) The Last Judgement (R) The Apocalypse

The New Pinakothek had a large collection of European art, including a good amount of the Flemish masters, but I am an Impressionist fan through and through. The brush strokes! The color! The suggestion and saturation of light! Be still my heart.

20130703-144316.jpgVan Gogh’s Sunflowers

20130703-144354.jpgRenior, with details (that rainbow!)

20130703-144445.jpgVan Gogh cloud detail


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