Munich: Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

The lovely Camille suggested I take a day trip through the Bavarian countryside to Neuschwanstein. About 2 hours south and west of Munich, the castle was the second castle of King Ludwig. He didn’t find the first one to be awesome enough so he gave it to his parents and built a better one higher up the mountain. Rough life.

The scenery is stunning. You just keep looking at it and blinking. It can’t be real! It’s just too picturesque. It’s so perfect that Walt Disney used Neuschwanstein as his inspiration for the Cinderella Castle in Disneyland.

Unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to take any photos inside the castle but the interiors are very interesting. The castle isn’t terribly old, only built in the 1880s. Ludwig was a big Wagner fan so the castle is a tribute. Each room is decorated with murals for one of Wagner’s operas or legends. The castle was also modified with the latest devices for the time. He even had a two line telephone. One line for the post office and the other line to his parents’ castle.

Special shout out to my new friends, the Roades family of Winston-Salem, NC. We met on the train and ended up spending the whole day together. I was appointed Chief Christmas Card Photographer and took my position very seriously. They were taking a ten day trip through Munich, Salzburg and Vienna to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and decided to bring their sons along for a family vacation. Happy anniversary, Lori and Scott!


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