Berlin: Expat Fourth

It’s funny. The Fourth has never been a Big Holiday for me. I, obviously, enjoy a day off and a barbecue as much as the next person but I definitely don’t dress up in a flag and shout “‘Murcia!” all day long. So I was sort of ambivalent about being out of the country. But the day of I was sort of nostalgic. Probably because its just another Thursday in Germany. Or maybe it is because I realized I’ll be home in four weeks and that seems really close to me (but no one else).

20130705-075722.jpg Kat and Thomas, my lovely hosts, took me to the “Bushwick of Berlin” for a outdoor party. This was organized by an English speaking group of internationals but had absolutely nothing to do with the Fourth. Very hipster Berlin. My European cool points are sky-rocketing.

20130705-080014.jpg We were all kind craving burgers but good ones are actually kind of hard to find outside of the US. Thankfully, these two are in the know and we all scratched our burger itch. I upgraded to chili cheese fries for us to all share. Because what’s more American than gluttony?

20130705-080423.jpg Enjoy the long weekend, friends!


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