Berlin: Beach Day

Berlin has been enjoying a stretch of nice weather. And while there is a river running through the city (like all European cities) it’s too cold and dirty to swim in.

20130707-195320.jpgMy ride for the day, so blog chic, I know.

Kat and Thomas had been meaning to check out this barge beach club so we biked over. Biking in Berlin is great. Lots of bike infrastructure, lots of people riding and lots and lots of flat terrain to cover. Seattle, whatcha gotta say about those hills?

I never thought I’d like Vegas but if its anything like this place, sign me up, I’m going every February. For €3 we laid on the sand, listened to a live DJ set, soaked up some serious rays and took a dip in the 6 foot plunge pool. The pool had a bench ringing the outer edge so you could sit and enjoy the view. This is plush living, folks.



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