Berlin: Sunday Flea

Sundays are great in Berlin. Most shops are closed so many people have the day off and with so many parks in the city people of all stripes gravitate toward them to relax with friends or family.

Mauerpark (Wall Park) contains a stretch of the former Berlin wall and was quickly claimed as public space following its collapse. On Sundays, a giant labyrinth of shops, stalls, food stands, resellers and crafty folks set up and hock their wares. You can find anything here.

20130708-082018.jpg(Yes, I was totally plotting how to ship that furniture to America.)

But the BEST part was the karaoke. Hosted by an American expat, every Sunday there is by donation karaoke. People sign up to sing all sorts of 20th century popular music (in English and German) and about 2,000 people hang out and cheer them on. It’s Germany so there are young people, three generations of families, tourists, expats, students enjoying a cheap day in the park. And everyone is noshing on currywurst and a whole bunch of folks have a cold beer in hand.



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