Amsterdam: Sicky

I woke up with a headache. I slept a while and thought I felt better. I biked into the town I’m staying in and had lunch. Felt worse. Watched many episodes of Parks and Rec. Amy Poehler cures all. And then I found lots of cool stuff on the internet. Like…

Mudhoney preforming on the top of the Space Needle. (GAH, the weather at home looks fabulous!)

Sesame Street preforming Daft Punk. (Internet, I love you so much.)

This insane twitter feed from inside the Goldman Sachs elevators. (Because you didn’t hate these people enough already.)

An interesting piece on reconciling your politics to your pop culture guilty pleasures. (Or how insanely embedded misogyny is in our societal outlook.)

And finally….

Sign this petition! Show your support for Texas women and allies standing up to deadly abortion restrictions.

(Speaking of which, how cute is my uterus shaped lamb chop bone from last night’s dinner?)



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