London: Day trip to Greenwich

Camille and Ron are pros at day trips to explore London and their surrounding parts (seriously, check out their Instagram feeds). With Anna and Bean off to a wedding in the north, they took over as official tour guides for the weekend.

I, of course, totally nerded out at the National Maritime Museum. It covers British Naval history but also shipping, private travel and sport. The Cutty Sark is parked near by in all its tea running glory.

Greenwich is also home to the Royal Observatory and the Prime Meridian. Obligatory tourist shot:

On our way back to London we took the Emirates Air Line. I’m sure there is a more technical description but it is essentially an 8-person pod on a zip line that whisks you over the Thames. Since its part of the Transport for London system you can pay with your Oyster card. The view is pretty awesome.

But mostly, look at those happy faces.



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