London: High Tea at the Orangery

Anna and I spent an indulgent day shopping and having afternoon tea. Anna runs a blog, Far from the Wedding Crowd, has great taste, and is my mutually-appointed Wedding Hat Consultant. Like so many good things in life, the prettiest hats and fascinators are the most expensive but we had a great time trying on whimsical toppers and giant saucer hats.

The shop even sells hat making materials if I decided I wanted to be crafty. (Let’s be honest, we all know I’ll start a Pinterest board and try to convince Sparky to do it for me.)

The Orangery is part of Kensington Gardens next to Kensington Palace. Wouldn’t it be lovely to stroll through orange trees smelling the citrus next to big windows catching whatever light possible on a grey London day? I managed to catch the UK in a heat wave but it would be a great place for a warm drink. And check out these treats, major yum. That red velvet cupcake is covered in a fondant dress to coincide with the Fashion Rules exhibit on display in the Palace.

Anna is such great company. She even informed me that I eat my scones in the Devonshire style (clotted cream under jam). We like to make fun of each other for being old fashioned and snobby (British) and pompous and arrogant (American). It’s a love/love relationship.



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