London: Meeting Marx

Marx spent a good portion of his adult life living and working in London. He collaborator, Frederick Engles, ran a family mill in the north and sent money to support Marx and his family while Marx worked on “Capital”. The major bummer of the trip was that the Reading Room in the British Museum is closed. Marx spent many years there reading and researching economic changes to understand the new emerging system called capitalism.

Highgate Cemetery was privately owned and operated until it was abandoned in the 1970s. Left for several years to overgrowth and vandalism before being rescued by a trust, it has a certain wild romanticism to it.

Marx’s original grave marker is extremely modest.

In the mid-1950s the tombs were moved to a more prominent location and marked with the monument you can visit today.

Without being overly sentimental, visiting this grave was really awesome. Paying tribute to someone you deeply respect and whose ideas and writing have played a huge role on your entire world is humbling in the best possible way. Workers of the world, unite!


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