Paris: Père Lachaise Cemetery and my last day abroad

My last day in Paris was also my last day of the trip so I wanted to do something really wonderful and embrace the sentimentality of the 11th hour of the trip of a lifetime.

I set out with an elaborate walking tour from Rick Steves (that guy is worth his weight in gold) to explore the Père Lachaise cemetery.

Clockwise from top left: Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Moliere, Fredrick Chopin

Memorial to the fallen Communards of the Paris Commune.

Lunch was an absolute bounty of mussels and crisp white wine. I read a little bit but mostly people watched. Paris had taken a few days to grow on me and while it didn’t end up being a favorite of the trip, I can see why people love it. It has a unique personality: a bit snobby but seemingly rightfully so. A well dressed lady with great taste and the right pedigree. You have to bow to that kind of know-it-in-your-bones confidence.

I spent the golden hour walking through Le Marais basking in the bountiful street art and eating macaroons. My buddy Julia had suggested a falafel place for dinner she deemed “life changing”. It was pretty damn delicious. They were also the friendliest waiters I encountered in Paris. People seem to love a solo traveler.

Paris was a good city to end my trip. I liked exploring but I was ready to go home. Correction: I was ready to stop being on the road. I missed all my buddies in Seattle and weirdly missed America (that was a surprise!) but I could also see myself setting up shop somewhere and staying for a while. Anything to have more variety to my wardrobe and stability to my schedule.


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