Out and About: The Walrus and the Carpenter

One time my brother turned to me and said, “tartare is my favorite food group” and I knew our genetics were deep and binding. The Walrus and the Carpenter takes that foundational love of raw beef and aces my other favorite raw animal: oysters.


Bounty of the sea

My buddy, KVR, and her boyfriend, C, were in town from Austin. KVR and I went to high school together and she’s a good NW kid, eating salmon from day 1, etc. C, with his many fine qualities, grew up in Texas and has eaten most of his oysters on saltine crackers. Bless those Texans. Joining us was another out-of-town high school buddy, K, spending a few weeks in beautiful Seattle to escape the soul crushing humidity of Boston and, J, my new foodie soul sister.


My two favorite Texans

Now W&C is insanely popular. The restaurant is also small. This two factors combined make it necessary to have a strategy. Luckily, we had my brother in our back pocket. We put our name in for a table and strolled on over to the bar my brother is working to cool our heels with a scratch cocktail. It’s a hard life to live, folks.

Dinner was incredible. The food was superb and the company was even better.


Sardines, fried oysters, beef tartare


Smoked trout, Sazerac and sautéed curried zucchini with fried egg

Blessed is a word my atheist self feels funny about using. “Lucky” implies that friendship isn’t work. But, dammit, I’m blessed and lucky to have amazing friends. We’ve known each other for more than a decade and I always miss you when we aren’t together. Cheers!


Thirteen years and counting.

The Walrus and the Carpenter is open for dinner in Ballard. Reservations aren’t accepted and the wait is intense. Be prepared to leave your phone number and hit one of the many amazing bars in the area while you wait.



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