Congratulations M + M!

Last weekend I had the incredible privilege of attending the wedding of my friends, M and M.

As I shared during an impromptu wedding toast, I was an excited early party to the love affair of these two newlyweds. Shortly after they met (and after a few dates), Dude M spent three weeks in New York City selling Christmas trees. I would have drinks with Lady M or see her around the neighborhood and enthusiastically ask for updates. She was coy and shy but I knew this was a special connection.

They complement each other in such wonderful ways. Lady M brings focus to Dude M’s idea generation while Dude M supports Lady M in every goal she puts her mind to. They are partners in the truest sense of the word and it brings me such joy to be their friend.

Their vows and wedding ceremony often touched on the importance of community. Dude M and I actually grew up a few blocks apart (but only met as adults). Filled up with love for them, I reflected on my own community throughout the reception. My large extended family with their diversity of talents and encompassing support. My high school, just around the corner, that instilled a hard work ethic, a sense of humility, and a desire to excel. My friends that provide everything imaginable and who I would willingly feed, house, clothe and stand by at the drop of a hat. My childhood neighborhood with its mature trees, friendly neighbors, shady porches and hot coffee.

M and M, I love you guys. Your relationship is strong and you’ve taken a monumental step forward together. I’m filled to the brim with happiness. Many happy years together!



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