Putting good out in the world

I was planning on writing about my first day back at work (I tweeted it instead) and perhaps posting some luxurious photos of the “let’s not face reality” lunch I bought myself this afternoon at Cafe Presse. I’ve been feeling the need to flex the wit and the snark but that’s not the mood I’ve been in.

At lunch, I sat at the bar, which I like to do because it gives you more people to talk to. This nice guy named John sat a few stools down. He’s a doctor or a lawyer or something and stopped for some take out on the way back to his home office. We struck up a conversation about wine recommendations. He ordered the vinho verde on my suggestion. He told me about visiting a monastery in Scotland founded in 562. Apparently the local mason and craftsmen restored it after several rounds of invasions over the centuries. He told me it is the most peaceful place he has ever visited. I told him about a convent we visited in Russia founded by an exiled sister of Ivan the Terrible. Now it is a self-sustaining farm as well as a religious site. A good conversation with someone who is willing to just keep being friendly.

I walked home and passed this neighborhood swap. Thanks, universe, all this good juju feels great.


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