Obsessed: Scandal

Obsession is the new mild interest. – Joyce Carol Oates (via twitter)

An evil creature I call a friend suggested I start watching Scandal and now I’m totally addicted. The show (both seasons available on Netflix) centers on Olivia Pope, a professional “fixer”. Season One is mostly you seeing what a total badass Olivia and her team of misfit lawyers are as they spin political problems for their big name clients. In season Two the problems get bigger, more complex and a hell of a lot juicier. Oh did we mention the clothes are AHMAZE and the president is hunky.

You should totally get into this show. I bullied (lovingly) my friend A to get into it and now she’s ahead of me in season two. Yep, it will suck you in that bad. I’m sorry. You’ll thank me later. Ok, need to watch more. Byeeeeeeee.



4 thoughts on “Obsessed: Scandal

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