How to Pack for a Long Trip

The Lizzie Way:

1. Freak out. Start a Pinterest board.

2. Pick one thing to fixate on (ex: attractive but comfortable walking shoes for under $100) and ask every single person you know until your best friend bans it from discussion and doesn’t acknowledge any links sent on gchat.

3. Assume you are packing too much. Freak out.

4. Stress about wearing the same clothes all the time. Freak out.

5. Forget that there are actual stores in other countries where you could buy things. Heck, you may even WANT to buy things.

6. Spend an entire day packing and be the only person in your group under weight!

7. Buy things all the time and have to ship extras home. Twice.

The Actual Advice Way:

1. Accept that you will be sick of everything by the time you’re done. Buy cheapies.

2a. Realize that you will wear the same 5-7 pieces for weeks on end. Bring things you actually like.

2b. The small things that minorly bug you about clothes will drive you insane if you wear them all the time. (ex: I should have bought deep V neck tees instead of the regular Vs.)

3. Pack in a color palette. I choose grass green, medium to dark blue, grey, black and white.

4. Bring at least 10 days worth of underwear and socks. No one should have to re-wear dirties and laundromats can be expensive and hard to find (also not necessarily in English).

5. Bring one Nice Thing to wear. Even if you only wear your Nice Thing once it will go a long way to helping you feel prepared for anything.

6. Scarves and jewelry are small, easy to pack and are a great pick-me-up. Bring a variety.

7. Other countries have stores. Stores that will sell you things you need. They may not be as cheap as they are in the States but you can buy things if, for instance, you arrive in Vienna, it is raining, and have no pants or sweater.

The Nitty Gritty:

I packed:

Pants: jeans*, black pants, leggings (for overnight trains and pjs)

Tops: 2 solid color tees, 2 white tank tops, lace trimmed peplum

Skirts and Dresses: cotton skirt, cotton dress, Nice Dress

Sweaters: striped pullover, solid colored cardigan

Other: Swimsuit, Socks, Underwear

*didn’t survive Russia, never replaced on trip

I purchased abroad: pants, sweater and cotton sundress out of necessity, lots of other things for fun


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