Out and About: Stopsky’s Deli with Aunt Mary

“69 years ago last Tuesday I landed on Omaha Beach. They liberated Paris two days before and we had to run a 3,000 bed field hospital. There were 28 TB wards.”


Aunt Mary with my dad

“A girlfriend of mine told me Ralph wanted to take me out. I told her to tell him that if he was old enough to take me out he was old enough to call me himself. On our second date we went to a dance at the yacht club and he left me alone for 20 minutes while he went and said hello to everyone. At that point I went up to him and told him he better start introducing me or I was going to take a cab home. The whole table clapped.”


Corned beef and borscht

“On the way to France they put us on the Queen Mary. In the middle of the night they woke us up and made us move; Churchill had just boarded. There were 5,000 men and 72 women, you had a date very four hours and there were armed guards at the entrances to our deck.”


Anyone is welcome to contribute family photos. Even Gentiles.

“I joined the Army and not the Navy because the Army let you wear nude hose and my legs looked better.”

*All quotations from my bad ass Aunt Mary

P.S. Stopsky’s Deli made a great corned beef sandwich but I was way to engrossed listening to Mary to note anything else. Worth the trip to Mercer Island.


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