Washington State: Heather Lake

Kat: I’ve been craving Ezell’s [mind blowing delicious fried chicken]
Liz: We should get some next weekend for the holiday.
Kat: We should go on a giant hike and then eat it for dinner!

And so Kat and I went into nature.

We went on a terrific hike on Mt Pilchuck to Heather Lake. The trail was exerting but not strenuous. The sun was out and stunning against the old growth forest.

I like hikes that take you somewhere (a peak, a lake, etc). No loop trails for this kid. Heather Lake is stunning. Granted, its hard to go wrong in late summer anywhere in the Cascades. We ate lunch, goofed off, threw some rocks in the water and petted a dog named Copper.


A good part of the trail runs next to a creek bed and the trail crosses the creek several times. The descent made for some fun mini scrambles and we were muddy and tired by the time we got back to the car.

Despite this whole delightful day being motivated by chicken (we’re simple people) we got to day dreaming about pizza on the hike down. Add a bottle of Pinot and a deck and we’re winning the holiday weekend.

Happy Labor Day!


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