Silver linings

My buddy and blog goddess Lauren of Better in Real Life runs a semi-regular series called “Good Stuff”. Life got a little cray this week so it feels like the right time to find those hints of sunshine.

Busting out my cowboy boots to conquer our first fall-ish rainstorm.

Shuggie Otis tonight. I’m prepared to bring the boogie. Are you?

Having coffee with L because we now work two blocks apart.

This Parks and Rec gag reel. Leslie Knope, you are the best.

My brother’s awesome new girlfriend.

A great Manhattan.

Texts from Texas with standing offers for mimosas and shopping.

Starting a nanny gig this afternoon. Looking forward to spending my afternoons making smoothies, relearning third grade geography and doing science experiments.

Rocking the news.

Roof top decks and fire pits.

Plans to make and consume this beauty this weekend. Summer ends when I say it does.

What small happies are you embracing? Tell me.

One thought on “Silver linings

  1. Kiddo who slept until the alarm went off EVERY day this week (first time that has ever happened!)

    Friday night, pizza night.

    Concord grapes.

    The pretty new shirt I am wearing today that FG touched this morning (it’s silky) and declared pee-tee. (I die.)

    Cooler temperatures and sunny skies.

    Plans to go shoe & toy shopping tomorrow.

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