Pizza Night

Pizza Night is actually the most awesome. Everyone is warm and welcoming. People bring ingredients to share and pitch in to collaborate on pizzas. While people are waiting their turns in the kitchen, everyone hangs out in the living room drinking beer and listening to an excellently selected playlist (every Thursday deserves Thriller on vinyl).

I was introduced to Pizza Night through Fling; his neighbors host weekly. Since it’s drop in style, some weeks there are eight people, some weeks there are 30. Last night I met a woman recently arrived from Montana with her boyfriend. She was a friend of a friend of a friend and told to show up. As we talked more she told me they had only arrived two days before! Two days in Seattle and you walk into Pizza Night. I was impressed.

Fling, former pizza parlor employee that he is, whipped up this insanely delicious Thai Chicken pizza. Wasn’t happy with the first (everyone else wolfed it down), made some tweaks, and emerged with a perfected second. High fives all around.



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