Bon voyage, Mike!

On Wednesday morning, my younger brother boarded a plane to move to Chicago. He got a killer bar tending job for one of the most innovative bars in the country and took it. He set a goal to move and achieved it. That is some kickass stuff. And I’m so excited for him.

My dad told me once that my brother and I would be better friends as adults. It was sometimes hard to see that possibility through rocky moments fighting as teenagers and being on totally different wavelengths (and opposite work schedules) in our early 20s. Occasionally my preteen dream of having a cool, protective older brother would resurface. Over the last year or two we’ve both gotten to places where that can become a reality.

Mike, I’m so proud of your hard work and dedication. Your colleagues always speak so highly of you and I can personally attest to your cocktail magic. Chicago is one of my favorite American cities and I’m looking forward to your tales of exploration. Good luck and give ’em hell!


Family dinner at the supremely excellent Rock Creek in Fremont


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