Weekend Brunch: Apple Pie

Recipe: Kat’s Family Secret (I turned my head when the Crisco was measured so I could live in innocence)

Soundtrack: The Electric Lady by Janelle Monae

This only counts as brunch because I definitely had a reheated slice for second breakfast this morning (happy Hobbit Day!). It’s rainy in Seattle today and it just feels like the perfect day to curl up with a blanket and warm pie.

Kat handles the sweets in our friendship. She’s a good one like that. In exchange for peeling approximately 845 apples I got a glass of wine and pie. Not the worst deal in the world.



And because Kat is the cutest, I put her on instagram. AND THEN JOY THE BAKER LIKED MY PHOTO. And I died. Ps. Joy totally follows me on IG. Yeah, I’m that awesome.



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