An elopement


A welcome to Oregon toast.


Morning love notes.


Sparky had to work Saturday morning so Megs and I went to breakfast with the boys.


Highly skeptical.


Wedding party flair.


Hair game was brought.


Necessary selfie.


Maids of awesome.


Obligatory shoe shot.


She’s a biter!


These two.


Josie made herself comfortable.



Secret’s out. This weekend’s secret mission was Operation: Getting Sparky and Seth married. Mission accomplished.

I had the absolute best weekend standing up for one of my best friend’s as she said yes to life with a really great guy. Elopements have an incredible whirlwind romance. We were given a week’s heads up and our little band come from all three West Coast states to get these two legal. While Sparky was at work Saturday we went and bought rings. Sparky’s parents showed up Saturday afternoon with a camera and two bottles of great champagne. We met the judge on the steps of the courthouse and he married them in front of his legal reference library. Everyone milled around in the hallway taking photos while I handed Meghan tissues. We had dinner in a converted farmhouse and everyone just radiated joy. Once back at the house we tore into the chocolate-raspberry cake Sparky had made and drank too much champagne. Josie interrupted us in between rounds of Cards Against Humanity to be petted.

It poured the entire weekend. I’m not sure either of them noticed.

Congratulations, Sparky and Seth! I wish you much happiness!


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