Dolla dolla billz


Notepad from Rifle Paper Co.

Sigh. The vacation is officially over. I’ve been back in the working world for over a month now and it’s time to do responsible things like finding a place to live and work on rebuilding my savings account. I regret nothing; every pastry, train ride, and museum fee was worth it.

I started packing my lunch again last week and this weekend I busted out my first meal plan in probably six months.

This isn’t total austerity just more mindful spending. And frankly, I eat more vegetables when I think about it in advance. What’s more adult than that?


3 thoughts on “Dolla dolla billz

  1. YES! I love it. Being ‘adult’ sucks temporarily but if you do it right, it is also peace of mind. I’m reading a book called Financial Peace right now that is blunt, sarcastic and like a handbook for dealing with finances. It’s everything no one told you about handling money as an adult. Highly recommended 🙂 – Corinne

    • Thanks for the recommendation! The best part about these choices are they are ones made from desire rather than necessity. They are the choices I’m making now to achieve my long term goals. Adulthood could be boring or it could be awesome (more travel!). xo L

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