Snippets from the weekend

What a crazy whirlwind! I was asked on Friday, “what are you up to this weekend?” I started listing about a dozen things I was committed to tackling.


Rach and Leo

It was great to be back defending the clinic after months of little to no activism. Seattle Clinic Defense is a group I helped start and am incredibly proud of. Even baby Leo got in on the action! Sam, Rach, and Leo made it out for Leo’s first protest.


Conference organizing the Olivia Pope way

House hunting began in earnest this weekend. The Seattle housing market is 13 kinds of crazy. Kat and I looked at two apartments Saturday afternoon and absolutely fell in love with a darling little house in Fremont. It has all the charm (hard wood floors! fireplace! TWO yards with rosemary bushes and flowers!) we want with plenty of space for all our stuff (books! clothes! feminist accoutrement!). We’re crushing hard core.  So are the 5,281 other people that were looking at it during the open house we attended. Please send all the good juju. You want to come over. It was be everything that is wonderful and awesome (home cooked dinners! cozy blankets! red wine! barbecues!).

Sunday was all leaves and meetings. Political debates while snuggling Leo. Coffee and email. Organizing an educational conference in my living room. Point and counterpoint. It’s really a good thing October is so lust worthy.

(We don’t have Monday off in this neck of the woods. East Coast, enjoy your holiday but remember Christopher Columbus is pretty much a giant jerk.)


Glorious October


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