In the Kitchen: Ladies’ Night

Recipe: Thai Chicken Soup from Bon Appetit
Soundtrack: Red Hot + Fela

Some of my favorite ladies came over for dinner Monday night to catch up but also help hatch a project we’ve been talking about for a while now. We all know each other through varying stripes of activism but have become good friends and rely on each other to help navigate the mixed up world of work, grad school, dating, and trying to get ahead that is your 20s.


Mise-ing it up

Jessi cooked up this amazing 30 min soup from Bon Appetit. It’s surprisingly light for the healthy amount of coconut milk included. Pairing it with a Riesling was delicious and inspired. A great soup for fall and a pleasant twist on the chicken noodle soup I typically gravitate towards when it starts to get chilly.


This new project is a product of our real conversations. If we’re having conversations about how to reconcile your politics with your relationships, someone else is probably thinking about it too. So we discuss a field guide to feminist relationships. Or, as I like to think of them, relationships for communicative, emotionally responsive adults. This may be a writing project for just us but I secretly hope it grows in a way that lets us include as many experiences and contributors as possible. Stay tuned!


A toast to our new project


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