House Hunters: An Update

Stress is the name of the game lately. Job in the morning, job in the afternoon, meetings, deadlines, activist commitments, house hunting, a random Russia report back presentation, remembering to pick up a card or send that LinkedIn request or grab half and half because my work stash went dry a week ago.


Looking at house #6. We’re looking at four more in the next four days.

I got a wonderful, 12 hour respite following last night’s Ginger Baker show at Jazz Alley. The concert was amazing, Ginger is incredible, and it was super fun to be fancy at Jazz Alley (even if my drink was weak and overpriced). So much deep pocket action you couldn’t but feel the distractions melt away. I finally slept soundly after a few nights of tossing and turning. This morning I was calm, cool, and collected, joking around with my co-workers and getting some work done.

And just like that, I get a series of emails and phone calls that require 18 million immediate decisions and my cortisol levels go nuts again. This gogogo will stop at some point but dear, sweet Lord, not soon enough. In the meantime, please allow me to complain. In return I promise to try and exercise and eat my vegetables. At least we can stay in control of some self care.


2 thoughts on “House Hunters: An Update

  1. I can tell that it’s time you get married and have a few kids to calm you down and help you sleep better. — Meanwhile, you should publish some short stories. You have the gift of writing and relating to all those things we all feel. You strike the chords that make for great story telling and reading, Liz.

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