House Hunters: We did it!


The next chapter feels awesome


We got a house! After three weeks of searching, endless apartment visits, and about a million and one text messages between Kat and I, we have a home. A home we’re both really excited about in a neighborhood we love at a price we can afford. Everything worked out.

I’ll share more photos once we’ve actually moved and settled in a bit. But for now I will just say patio! Two bathrooms! Walk-in closets! Giant windows! Dining area! Great landlord! One block from a Carnegie library! Across the street from Green Lake! 

I’m so excited to settle in and get reacquainted with all of my belongings that have been in boxes in my parents’ basement for the last year. I’m excited for my books to emerge from their cardboard purgatory. I’m excited to cook in my dutch oven again. I’m excited for all my clothes to finally be in one place. I’m excited beyond belief to finally hang up all the things I lovingly lugged around Europe knowing they would one day be in my home.


2 thoughts on “House Hunters: We did it!

  1. Whooooooooo! This is fabulous!!

    I would be texting you about it right now, but I don’t know when you go to bed and don’t want to wake you up. So e-mail will have to suffice – but know that if it were earlier, I’d be excitedly texting you!

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