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So I’ve never been a bridesmaid (THANKS A LOT, RACHEL) but any job that requires shopping for a new dress, throwing a party for a friend, and having people pay attention to you sounds pretty awesome. I am qualified for that position.


Meghan getting all sexy in this ridiculously tight number

You may recall that Sparky is, technically, legally married. Heck, we even had a grand old time keeping it under wraps and then whisking them off to get married in a giant rainstorm. In the spirit of extending the celebration and spreading the love, Sparky and Seth are having a ceremony and reception for broader friends and family in March. Which means Meghan and I (as co-Maids of Honor) get new dresses! Score!


The winner!

As is the curse of hippie friends, I also managed to make it to my late 20s without ever entering a bridal boutique. I will admit I was a little nervous. I’d heard horror stories about everything from pushy, body shaming sales people to poorly made, expensive items to crazy, mandatory timelines. Shoe-horning this experience into a weekend of moving seemed like a recipe for frustration and anxiety.


Sparky is getting married!

We had a blast. Our sales person was friendly, super knowledgable, and just all-around helpful. There were tons of dresses to try on and they were all well constructed and not heinously expensive. So maybe the secret hack to the wedding industry is go with your best friend and go out for drinks afterward? Pretty sure that’s my hack to life…


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