Settling In

This week was lots of juggling as I tried to shoehorn unpacking into my regular life. Kat and I didn’t cook dinner at home until Wednesday because of these meeting or that commitment or whatever. I was super looking forward to the long weekend: Kat was headed to Portland with Reuben and I had a long to do list and few commitments.

My mom gallantly volunteered her shopping skills to helping me conquer Northgate mall and I single handedly spiked consumer output on Saturday. The house is coming together and our trip to IKEA next weekend will help solidify it even more (you might even get photos finally!).

Sunday evening I properly anointed the kitchen by roasting a chicken. I’ve been rereading Apartment Therapy, a book and website I highly recommend, this week. It’s thoughtful approach to caring for your home as a reflection of caring for yourself really resonates with me. Seemingly mundane routines like cleaning and cooking regularly at home mark a sustained commitment to building a warm, welcoming space that actually supports your life. Building a relationship with my kitchen by using it to feed people I care about is such a pleasure.

Monday was blissfully lazy. I slept in, made Amy’s sweet potato hash for breakfast, and talked wedding with Sparky while I finished my laundry. In what I hope becomes a regular practice I walked the lake by myself distraction free. No Facebook checking, no phone calls, not even any music. Just fall leaves and people watching.


Looking southwest towards Fremont


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