Weekend Brunch: Hash Four Ways


Same base, different toppings

We had some house guests Sunday morning. One is a regular (hi, Reubs!*) and one from California. While everyone hung out, woke up with a cup of coffee, and nursed a political hangover from debating theory all day Saturday, I pulled together a quick hash based on odds and ends in the fridge. When folks began announcing their different toppings preferences (I’m sorry, is this a democracy? Fineeeee.) I immediately remembered the venn diagram approach from Dinner A Love Story. It’s my favorite way to tailor to people’s requests without losing the grace that inspired me to cook for them in the first place.

On the fly hash

Saute onion and garlic in olive oil over medium high heat. Once they’ve sweated out a bit and picked up a little color, add slivered brussels sprouts and cook until tender. If you eat animals, push the vegetable mixture to the sides of the pan to make a hole in the middle. Add chopped, pre-cooked sausage and saute until warm and golden. Serve topped with a fried egg (Kat), avocado (Jessica), both (Liz), or nothing (Reuben).

*This greetings will be increasingly less friendly the longer you hold out on the Buffalo mac-n-cheese.


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