What I Learned From Two Weeks Without Internet


The Comcast Lady kept calling it “Military Feminist” which lolz…no.

1. Apparently people still read. I picked up a book I’d put down over a year ago and have been sucked back in.

2. It’s totally possible to use 15% of your monthly data in one evening. Also, Netflix on a tiny screen is no way to live.

3. Life does go on without your weekly jolt of Olivia Pope. My withdrawal symptoms and likely weekend binge watch may suggest otherwise but the sun still rose. I think. I never actually see it.

4. Kat and I are both shockingly efficient when not tethered to the internet. We cook, we arrange furniture, we buy all the house things at Target. Perhaps having one or two media-free evenings a week isn’t the worst idea in the world…

5. It’s mega stressful to try to wedge all your activist responsibilities into your workday. Especially when those responsibilities involve planning a day-long educational event for people from two states. (This is why I went to bed at 9:30pm on Saturday night.)

6. The internet is a big, mostly beautiful place that will warm your ever loving heart.


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