Trader Wino: Blackstone Cab Sauv

Good Lord, it’s come to this. Last night I posted a bit of a lushy comment on facebook, “I really need to keep better track of the wine I’ve tried and liked at Trader Joe’s.” It was meant to get a few laughs but the lovely Carrie joked I should make it into a blog feature. My mom will be so proud!


Blackstone Cabernet Sauvignon, $7

I picked this up to bring to a low key potluck after a long week. It’s a busy time of year at work and my boss is taking all of next week off for Thanksgiving so we were finishing things right up until 5pm. I was super looking forward to kicking up my feet and relaxing with friends.

Right out of the bottle the first glass was delicious. A little jam-y but not sweet, it went well with the crackers and brie laid out as an appetizer. Nick made skillet beans for dinner and the wine complimented the coziness of such a simple meal well. I’d love to try it with a kale and sausage stew or some extra dark chocolate for dessert.

Bottom line: A- Will buy again. A dependable everyday wine to pair with a warm meal.

PS. I love you and I made you a spreadsheetCin cin!


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