Out and About: Stoneburner


Siiri and I wanted to start the long weekend early. We had bought tickets to a show at the Tractor and were debating where to meet up for a drink beforehand. My brother Mike worked at Stoneburner before he moved to Chicago. Despite the big, open windows of summer, the bar felt better suited to fall and winter. A good whiskey list tends to have that effect on me.


The bar has a slight Baz Lurhmann quality to it

Side note: I’m really terrible at saying no to good alcohol. I had this master plan where I was going to have one drink then go to the show and be in bed at a reasonable hour so I could whip through my last few to dos before the long weekend. My bill was supposed to be less than $15. But delicious drinks are delicious. And sometimes bartenders convince you to do things you want to do anyway. And then Manhattan. I have yet to regret making the choice to order a Manhattan.


Improved Yorktown Cocktail: Rye, Applejack, Green Chartreuse, Bitters

Stoneburner is open for lunch, brunch, and dinner in the heart of Ballard Avenue.


2 thoughts on “Out and About: Stoneburner

  1. I didn’t know you were taking pictures OR blogging this! 🙂 Now I wish I had, so we could have taken a hundred thousand hilarious photos. Also, we should go back there and see if we can get Tyler to replicate the Bartender Twerk heard round the world….that was some epic ish!

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