A grand unveiling

Ta da! Welcome to our new home! Let’s take the tour….


Our landing strip

We want you to feel comfortable but we are a shoes off household so please leave them by the door. Those windows face west so we get to see all the trees around the lake when we wake up in the morning. It will be extra awesome in the summer; crazy, amazing sunsets and lots of happy noises from the park.


Everyone else is freaked out by the deer. Kat and I love it.


Feel free to sit down and relax. We’ll be having movie nights from time to time. This TV is mostly used for catching up on Scandal. It deserves to be in a home that loves sports but that is not its current destiny. There will be more art on the walls eventually. For now we use books as decor.


Books and that time I graduated from college.

Wanna come over for dinner sometime? You’re always welcome. The bar is back there on the shelf. Help yourself. Don’t worry, there’s more wine below. There’s pretty much always more wine in this house.


We don’t always look this Kinfolk-y

Our kitchen is super 70s-tastic and not terribly photogenic. But our fridge makes me smile. (I shouldn’t be so hard on our wee kitchen, she’s a Sturdy Gal, that one. Practical. Dependable. She adds an extra dash of bourbon…it’ll mostly cook out.)


The refridgerator of alcohol and revolution

I wanted my room to feel cozy and inviting while using it pretty much only for sleep. IKEA advertises my bed frame as being great for people that read in bed which I, of course, interpreted as great for people that watch Netflix in bed. Potato, patato. By far my favorite feature of my bedroom is the walk in closet. It is oh-so-giant and I lovelovelove it. My not small shoe collection waits quietly on a rack behind the door.


I really wanted to caption my bedroom picture as “where the magic happens” but maybe someday my mom will read my blog (she claims she can’t remember the URL) and that seems too real. So, share in the awkward. Work with it. Go with it.


Walk in closet! This is ALL MINE.

Perk #763 of this apartment is the 1.75 bath. Kat has her own little suite of bedroom, walk in closet, and 3/4 bath that rivals my college-era studio in square footage. I have primary domain over the full bath. I’m unreasonably obsessed with my $20 shower curtain from Target. It has this Moroccan vibe that I’m really digging.


Bathroom selfie


Articles de toilette

And finally, the coup d’etat! Behold! The Accessory Closet! Kat and I agreed to collectivize our accessories (or at least the ones we were open to sharing without special approval) long before we found a place to live. This apartment has so much closet space that we were able to dedicate one of the (rather sizable) closets to our jewelry, headbands, scarves, sunglasses, belts, and evening bags. Our project for Christmas is to organize it a bit better but it is so much fun to plunder and pillage every morning. Kat’s boyfriend, Reuben, told us that we worship at the Church of Pretty. It’s really not that far from the truth.


Available for loans

Thanks for coming over! See you soon!


7 thoughts on “A grand unveiling

  1. That first picture is just too perfect. The chalkboard, the framing of the photo, the hooks, the shoes… ahhhhh stop being so awesome.

    I like the final couch arrangement!

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