In the Kitchen: Pumpkin Risotto

Soundtrack: We the Common by Thao & the Get Down Stay Down


An honest meal

We had some canned pumpkin puree left over from Thanksgiving that somehow ended up next to half a bag of arborio rice in our pantry. Clearly these two should be joined a holy union, I just had to figure out the best approach.

I started a basic risotto (technique here) and seasoned the rice with a little smoked paprika before beginning to add the warmed stock. In a separate bowl I combined half a can of pumpkin puree with a bit more paprika and some salt and pepper. Once the rice was nice and starchy and nearly al dente (a few cups of stock, don’t rush things) I folded dollops of the pumpkin mixture in. For a last step, as is required by all delicious risotto, I stirred in a few generous handfuls of parmensan.

Buon appetito!


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